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For the Bright Kids Living Smart Lives with Shining Futures. (sm)

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The Initiative is dedicated to educational and charitable undertakings and outreach relevant to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) advancement -- including but not limited to -- funding STEM related clubs & classes (i.e. robotics, space), especially in under funded and underprivileged public schools, plus STEM related scholarships.

The Initiative will accept donations from the public and will solicit donations from businesses in the STEM community.

The Farfarout Initiative, Inc. is the charitable arm of Farfarout Corporation
which donates 5 percent of all net sales to the Initiative, plus 10 percent of all licensing income.

IRS 501(c)(3) charitable recognition being applied for.

Arrokoth (Formerly: MU69 Ultima Thule) aka Farfarout
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Contact Us:

Dan F. Schramm, President
Farfarout Initiative, Inc.
2011 Flagler Avenue 501
Key West, FL 33040-3732

Office: 305-330-4087

Email: hq@farfaroutcorp.com

The Farfarout Initiative, Inc. is a Florida, USA Non-Profit Corporation.

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